A New Tradition

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As a benefit of membership in a USC athletic support group, donors will receive an annual book entitled "The Trojan Way," which features unique stories of indomitable Trojans authored by special guests. 

TrojanWay.cover.jpgAmong the 15 profiles in volume one, you'll be updated on the inspiring Jake Olson by none other than Pete Carroll.  Or, you can read about Lou Zamperini from the perspective of his friend Matt Barkley.

Click here to email the development department for information on "The Trojan Way."

To give you an idea about the contents of this special book, we are releasing the story of Mimi Butler, a faithful servant of the Stevens Academic Center since 1988.  Entitled "The Believer," Butler's story details her relationship with USC All-American DE Kenechi Udeze.

Udeze was the type of student-athlete who would have been written off by many as lazy or disinterested due to his penchant for sleeping in class, but Butler believed him to be motivated and determined.  As it turned out, Udeze was suffering from a physical condition that deprived him of sleep and Butler's faith was rewarded as he would eventually become a first round draft pick and earn his USC degree.

Read the complete story as penned by special teams coach John Baxter, who implemented the current USC football team's academic game plan...

"The Believer" - TrojanWay.pgs20-23.pdf

The book, which features beautiful original photography, also includes stories on 104-year-old Herb Nootbaar, "Swim with Mike" founder Ron Orr and many more.

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