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A press release today from The Trojan Marching Band:

In the spirit of cooperation and sportsmanship and at the request of the UCLA Athletic Department, the USC Trojan Marching Band drum major will not stab the field before the game Saturday.

Click the link to read Dr. Bartner's letter to the fans:  Bartner-Letter.PDF

It was decided by Trojan Marching Band Director Dr. Arthur C. Bartner after meeting with UCLA game management that it was in the best interest of both universities to suspend this tradition at this game.

"It is important to protect a great rivalry and to conduct it in the most mutually respectful way possible," said Dr. Bartner.

Click the link for the official release: ucla_press_release1.pdf


A sad day for Trojans that we bowed down to a Bruin request and ended a longstanding tradition. I have no respect for this decision at all. Stanford does whatever it likes on the field but we can do this.No Tusk, now this. As an alum, I'm very disappointed in this decision.

Pathetic that we gave in to this asinine request. Surely the Athletic Department understands that this opens the door for every school to "request" that we neuter our pregame for them, as well? I refuse to buy any more USC tickets due to this nonsense, and I suggest that any ticket holders and donors make their voices heard as well.

Another reason to go independent in football and stop playing Westwood High. Their athletic department needs the revenue from the biannual USC game...let us starve them.

I am extremely dissapointed with this decision. We are not protecting traditions, but destroying them. If their little feelings are hurt because we play tusk, a Fleetwood Mack song and stab the 50 yard line, like we do at home, maybe they should have their mommies change their diapers more often and tuck them into their little beds instead of going to the game.

Extremely disappointed that USC agreed to a petty, childish request from a handful of overly-sensitive Bruins. USC preaches tradition and the Trojan Family values to all incoming and current students, over and over, and yet bows to this immaturity from a rival school. Embarrassed to be a Trojan this weekend.

Are you serious! What does this long standing tradition have to do with the game? Are the bRUINS that fearful of us TROJANS that they have to resort to us not seeing our Drum Major do what he does no matter where play? Com on man. Your kidding right! This is ridiculous! It has nothin to do with the pickle of the game... We the Alum and fans get robbed of not seeing a tradition since 1929

This is such a terribly weak response from USC. I'd expect more. have embarrased us as much as UCLA has embarrassed themselves.

This is a Nation wide College Football tradition. Sad day for College football.

A solution to this would be to have the bell rung before the game instead. That way it is more of a neutral tradition to mark the begining of the game.

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