PHED Etiquette Dinner

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Written by Ellie Doran, SAAS

Last week, the freshman PHED class wrapped up the fall semester with a business networking and dining skills etiquette dinner. The students gathered at Town and Gown for an evening of instruction on proper etiquette in business settings.

The semester goal of the Freshman Success Seminar is to facilitate a successful academic and personal transition from high school to college of each student.  Other topics that the class features are Financial Literacy, Personal Branding and Values, and Nutrition, on top of introducing new students to campus resources such as USC Libraries, USC Career Center, Center for Women and Men and numerous other campus and athletic department resources.

The class also sheds light on topics such as student and faculty communication, social media, and academic success. We hope that by the end of the semester, students are prepared with the skills necessary for success in a collegiate environment and to empower students to take initiative in their own personal and academic development.


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