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A USC football student manager has been relieved of all duties with the Trojan football team for intentionally deflating, below NCAA-regulated levels, some game footballs used by USC's team during the first half in last Saturday's game against Oregon.

Game officials discovered and re-inflated three of the balls before the game and two others at halftime.  All balls were regulation in the second half.

When informed of this allegation by the Pac-12, USC investigated it immediately. The student manager confirmed that he had, without the knowledge of, or instruction from, any USC student-athlete, coach, staff member or administrator, deflated those game balls after they had been tested and approved by officials prior to the game.

As a result, the Pac-12 reprimanded USC and imposed a fine.


Soooooo, I'm sure that this student manager came up with this idea all on his own to deflate the game balls. USC has been trying to separate itself from its past shady reputation, I would say, this is not the way to do it.

I love how we get away with stuff.

This crap reeks of Kiffin, just like the jersey switching and having Woods play concussed. Such an embarrassment to a program that used to have some vague semblance of dignity. SC is better than that.

Kid got screwed. I was a manager and there is no way he'd do that unless barkely or a coach said to.
Way to take the blame like a champ

Shame, shame, shame. USC are you proud of your school now?

I'm sure the student manager acted on his own. I'm sure he wasn't directed by any one to do this. I'm sure he's not just being the fall guy. /sarcasm

Good lord, what is next? I seriously 'doubt' that he did it all on his own I wonder if Hayden is buying this explanation?

From the 1930 USC student handbook......

"I pledge, I will never bring disgrace to Southern California, my University, by any unsportsman like act, or dishonorable conduct in the classroom or on the field of competition."

Time for everybody involved with the program to take this pledge.

Used to be a fan even while I was going to school at Oregon... You guys are just straight up pathetic now



Manage the clock (time of possession), not pressure, temperature or texture of your balls.

That's why USC is always in trouble. They think that they areabove regulation .

The coaches didn't know about the ball deflation going on? Riiiight! I believe that.

Once a cheating school, always a cheating school. Everyone knows that the "C" in "USC" stands for Cheaters.


I don't believe for a second that this hard working kiddo would put his job at risk by doing something like that without being instructed to. It's clear that the program has strayed from disciplined hard nosed football, to a program of weaselly tricks. Switching numbers on Colorado. The whole thing is idiotic.
I can't wait till the Kiffin Era is over for SC.

how can 5 footballs (or more)be deflated without anyone seeing????

What do ya expect!!!! From a coach that immediately makes improper contact with Tennessee recruits after he leaves the school (after he was already under investigation) to showing up on Penn State campus after they are under sanction to poach 20 year old players (imagine what he told them), to switching jerseys to confuse his opponent. Obviously he doesn't have confidence in his own ability. What a joke. Can't believe U$C actually tolerates this---says a lot about the school and administration.

When Al Davis calls you a liar, you know you have issues. Time for a new coach I think.

Right. No one new about it? Barkley can't tell the difference? The wr's can't either. Deflating balls, switching jerseys. Kiffin is a cheater and a liar. "I didn't vote USC as #1". Oh yeah he did. USC used to stand for something. Kiffin makes it a joke.

Just another issue that revolves around Lane Kiffen. One day, and I hope soon, EVERYONE will realize what a useless cheating individual he is. Not only is he not a good coach, which is obvious, he is not a good person when it comes to football. It is doccumented that he allows unethical practices within his programs and if anyone does not believe that he had no insight on the ball deflating situation, then you have to conclude that he is not in control of his staff. You can back to 2008, Al Davis called him "a flat-out liar" and said he was guilty of "bringing disgrace to the organization". In 2009, he was reprimanded after making this false statement, "I'm going to turn Florida in right here in front of you," Kiffin told the crowd. "As Nu'Keese (Richardson) was here on campus, his phone keeps ringing. And so one of our coaches is sitting in the meeting with him and says, 'Who is that?' And he looks at the phone and says, 'Urban Meyer.' Just so you know, you can't call a recruit on another campus. But I love the fact that Urban had to cheat and still didn't get him." 2012 - After becoming a voting member of the USA Today Coaches' Poll, he resigns due to a situation involving a lie and deceet. Come on people, what is it going to take to realize what type of an idividual, let alone a coach, Lane Kiffin is!!!

The pressure cooker is exploding. Way too much hype about Barkely coming back...unfinished business. Heisman trophy...preseason #1...national champs....THIS IS WHY USC OR ANY SCHOOL SHOULD NEVER BE SO COCKY AND TAKE FOR GRANTED THE TRULY GREAT PAC12 SCHOOLS LIKE OREGON, STANFORD, ETC. USC WAS TORCHED BY THE DUCKS, AND THE BRUINS WILL DO THE SAME!!!!!

Now USC resorts to cheating to give them the edge. Bad coaching, cocky players and deserve every bit of this humiliation! Maybe you will learn to keep your mouths shut, not resort to humiliating cheating, and just play the game of football like everyone else seems to know how to do!!!!

Lots of wannabe's here posting. Maybe they should post on their own boards and give mom her computer back.

Ha ha.... I guess this is the tradition USC fans keep raving about. No matter where barkley goes from here, no matter of success can ever erase the fact that he has been owned by the little school in Eugene, Oregon. Fans living in California talk so much crap about how great their schools are and how horrible Oregon is.... Isn't this twice now a California school has tried to cheat to beat Oregon? Funny how both cases they lost... But still.... Oregon must be scary if you have to cheat to have a chance to beat them.

It is illogical and lacking in common sense to believe that ''someone'' did not give the
under-inflation trick to this student manager.

It is so typical of Kiffin...who is surprised.
Perhaps doing this was a laughed at comment
at a meeting...but the idea was planted so
that someone with more USC arrogance than
a sense of fairplay took care of it.

I hope Lane Kiffin is the coach at USC for 10 yrs. Guranteed UO and OSU victories. GO DUCKS!

In lieu of "deflategate" and cheating against lowly Colorado by switching jerseys at halftime... I still think Layne Kiffin is the right man for USC......~~~~. Guranteed U of O victories as long as he is in charge of the program! He has as good if not better talent than the Ducks. What they don`t have is execution, drive, and coaching.

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