The Sharks


USC has taken great pride in its special teams during the Lane Kiffin era under the leadership of John Baxter.  The Trojans have blocked kicks and punts at a rate of more than one every other game in the last three years (17 blocks in 31 games).

shark-attack.jpgAs part of his unique teaching method, Baxter names all the special teams units

For example, the field goal block team is called "The Regulators" because "the ball has to pass through us before it passes through the uprights," he explains.  The kickoff coverage unit is known as "Strikeforce" as they serve as "the tip of the spear."

As you cheer on the Trojans at the Coliseum Saturday, Baxter would like to see the fans get involved by saluting "The Sharks" when they take the field.  The punt block team, which accounted for a touchdown last week at Washington, "smells blood in the water" and comes after the punter with ferocity.

When USC forces a punt, the band will play the theme song from "Jaws" and the video board will break out its best "Shark Week" footage, which is your cue to place a hand on your head in the shape of a fin.  The punt coverage team will do the same before taking the field. 


Stop doing this. The piped in music and cheesy video board stuff was lame last game, and it will be lame this game.

And bring Dennis back.


Love that you're using this blog as a way to start what could possibly become tradition. Outside of spelling "Southern California" (which has changed since it's original conception--when it was spelled much slower)--we don't have much. Florida has it's chomp thing, UCLA has the 8 clap, FSU has the chant, etc. Might be a little corny with the shark fin, but hey, why not?!

With NO apologies to Jimmy Buffett!

@AJB, why are you whining? And speaking of the 8-clap, dude that is the sh!ttiest chant I have ever seen if you ask me. It is really that lame. Show some spirit dude! We have the arm-to-arm chant for seven nation army, no schools have that.

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