New Walkthrough Policy

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Here is the latest from USC and the Pac-12 on stadium walkthroughs...

The Pac-12 this week instituted a policy that permits visiting football teams to conduct a 60-minute walkthrough at the game facility on the day prior to a contest.

USC's athletic administration had not allowed visiting teams to hold Friday walkthroughs at the Coliseum this year in order to maintain the best possible condition of the field for the players. In past years, the Coliseum grass did not hold up well and visiting team walkthroughs contributed to the problem by tearing up the turf the day before a game. New sod was installed in the Coliseum this season and turf specialists recommended keeping off the turf as much as possible prior to a game.

"We are happy to abide by the Pac-12's decision," said USC senior associate athletic director J.K. McKay, who is involved in USC's use of the Coliseum. "We will request that teams wear tennis shoes for their Coliseum walkthroughs, not football cleats, in order to minimize the damage to the turf."

USC does not do walkthroughs at the Coliseum or on the road at opponent stadiums.
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(Photo by Pierson Clair)

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