Homecoming Kickoff Time TBD

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Under the new television contract, ESPN has the right to defer its selection for Saturday, November 10 games until November 5.  The broadcast network has elected to use one of its six-day options for the USC vs. Arizona State game at the Coliseum.

We will know the kickoff time for the Homecoming game on November 5 at the latest.  However, it is still to be determined for now.

Woods-Bailey-Tunnel-CU-SH.jpg(Photo by Jon SooHoo)

1 Comment

This is absolutely unfair to all those fans who not only are trying to coordinate gameday festivities, but more importantly to out of town folks who plan on coming to the game. I really hope this is not the trend for next season as well.

The delay has never been this severe for announcing kickoff times. How are we supposed to plan our tailgates, or public transportation to/from the Coliseum? How are elderly and disabled supposed to plan for this uncertainty?

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