False Alarm


The latest rumors around a possible USC football uniform change are unfounded.  Two athletic department staffers found some old Nike prototypes, which the Trojans decided not to wear last year, and posted a photo on Instagram.

USC has a longstanding uniform tradition, which includes being the only FBS school to never put names on the back of its jerseys, and the current administration has no intentions of making major modifications to the classic cardinal and gold.

Blackwell-Flournoy-Cal-JM.jpg(Photo by Jonathan Moore)


We need our black shoes and white socks back!!!! The new lighter material for the cleats is applauded but they need to be black!!!! There are three types of cleats being worn now by the guys. A regular black, a black and white and the horrific silver and Cardinal. What happened to the concept of 'UNIFORM?"

I agree with Troypwr. I'd also throw out those semi-gold facemasks and go back to the gray ones.

Who cares what color the cleats are. People are so anal about this. They might as well shop at a dress boutique and wear dresses to the game. It's football, come'on guys!

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