USC vs. Cal on Pac-12 Network


Just 24 hours from kickoff, here is a letter from USC Athletics to the Trojan Family about Pac-12 Networks...

Pac-12Networks_Horiz.jpgThe game against California this Saturday will be USC football's first-ever appearance on the new Pac-12 Networks.  The network's creation has been extremely positive for the conference and each school. 

However, as you probably are aware, the network is not yet available to all of our fans.  Those with Time Warner Cable, Comcast, Cox Cable, Brighthouse Networks and Dish Network will be able to view the USC-Cal game.  But, as of today, those with DirecTV, Fios, U-verse and several other systems won't be able to see the game, as those distributors have yet to sign a contract with the conference.

We have heard from many of you who do not yet get the Pac-12 Networks.  We understand your frustration and concern.  The Pac-12 Conference is working diligently, on behalf of all our schools and their fans, to get every broadcasting system to carry the Pac-12 Networks.  However, it is a process and can be laborious.

If you are among the unlucky who can't get the Pac-12 Networks, what is your best option?  Well, to see the game, you'll have to go somewhere that gets Time Warner Cable, Comcast, Cox Cable, Brighthouse Networks and Dish Network.

Realize, too, that you have a voice in this.  Express your dissatisfaction to your carrier.  You can do so by clicking here. Or call them (for instance, DirecTV's number is 1-800-531-5000) .


I am very disapppinted in USC and the entire PAC 12 that you would limit the veiwing to your fans. In todays environment,it is ridculous and bad business that you are so short sided and are forcing your fans to have to pay more or switch companies to view a game. You launched this stupid channel prior to getting all companies on board. It is a very bad decison on USC and Pac 12 and so prejudicial that if you want to spport the Pac 12 teams you have to go with one of the companies above. BAD and Stupid decision, you just lost my support.

My dissatisfaction is not with my carrier. I LOVE DirectTV and will NOT change. I am starting to HATE the Pac-12 arrogance with this TV deal. DirecTV offerred to allow fans to purchase the game individually or as part of a sports package until a deal is worked out. The Pac-12 network refused. It is the Pac-12 network that is not allowing fans to see the game, not the carriers, and especially not DirecTV.

Once the Pac-12 network realizes that no one cares to watch WSU or OSU outside of a small regional area maybe they will come to better terms. Frankly, I don't want to pay any extra to DirecTV to carry the Pac-12 network, I would imagine that is a belief held by the majority of people outside of the Pac-12 footprint.

I live in central florida. I am a season ticket holder and donor but, due to some health issues, am unable to make it out for this game. I could not find our game on the directtv schedule . . . called them and found out about this "dispute" . . . ironically, just last night I placed an order with time-warner to go back to cable. Unfortunately, it will not be installed until tomorrow. I know, I should have checked sooner but I just "assumed" all our games would be on. What kind of idiots are these people. Certainly happy I am going back to cable.
Guess I will have to watch on the net.
Fight On!!!

Express my frustration to my carrier??? No I express my extreme anger and frustration with you for airing the game on a channel that the majority of people cannot see!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ridiculous. A lifelong fan and this is how we get repaid? Force my cable channel to carry PAC 12 or just not see you? I get the motivation. its all about the money. You get the money from PAC 12, PAC 12 gets it from my cable provider who I force to carry PAC 12, and we get the game. Having just changed cable providers I do not have the option of changing again. Why did you allow yourself to go to such an exclusive provider? Right, the money. Guess what? I will do without you. You better hope your next class has a show stopper like Barkley and Woods. Pardon me now while I follow UCLA on channel 7 for free

Thank you for this help information. I've contacted my provider. So upset that I am missing the game.GO USC!!!

As an alum unable to travel to the games, this is a disgrace!

Your negotiating efforts to allow loyal USC fans to view games on Verizon fios is unacceptable. We should not have to listen to the game on the radio because you are unable/unwilling to work out a deal. I agree that you have a great product in the PAC 12, however each day this issue remains unresolved you will be losing the very fans you claim to support. Get this fixed NOW

Pack 12 Network sucks

Pack 12 Network sucks

This is disastorous...the pac 12 should have had all of these contracts taken care so all USC football fans would be able to watch the games on TV. Or, USC should have made it possible for an alternate course of action and had another avenue available to watch the games on TV. I've been an USC Fan for over 60 years and dislike having to say that this SUCKS!

You charge enough for your program scheduling. Sign the contract for Pac 12 network. That is about all the good programing any of your stations offer.
We just recently signed up for Direct T.V. I guess I find out too late, we should have stayed with Dish. If I had known you were not broadcasting Pac.12 I would have never change. Now I will no long tell my friends to switch to Direct.

Ummm yeah so the Pac 12 networks. Clearly just another attempt at more money and control to the detriment of the fans this season. Especially since it appears on the pac 12 network site you could watch online but only if you had a log in for a participating TV provider. Clearly y'all have missed the boat on access and viewing in the modern digital age. What a joke. Just like not being able to watch the Cal USC game in the bay area on anything other than Dish according to the Pac 12 network site.

I contacted Direct TV to purchase the Pac 12 package. They wanted to charge me 45.00 per game, I bought the NBA package at 179.14 for 66 games which will cost me 2.71 a game. I live on a limited income and cannot afford to pay 45.00 per game and need to select the six games I want to watch and it is not cancellable. Shame on you USC this is unconscionable. I wound up watching UCLA for free on channel 7. As did many others. It reminds me of the joke about a dozen USC students being late for class because they were stuck on a broken escalator. Do you really expect the public to pay $45.00 to watch a game or cencel Direct TV. You are bigger idiots than I suspected.

Pac-12 Network is not available on Comcast in much of the country. Why do you keep implying in your releases that (all) Comcast customers can watch the games? Just be straight with your fans and get the deals done.

I have Cox Cable, and they do not have the PAC-12 Network in my area. (Norfolk, Virginia). Cox is not carrying the PAC-12 Network nationwide.

We found a link online and watched the game. It was probably not an "authorized" link, but we saw it anyway.

Will the PAC-12 Network set up steaming?

One thing the Pac-12 has tapped into is that alumni loyalty is high, and many fans who don't have time or inclination to travel to 12 or more football games a year with a high travel and ticket cost, are willing to pay a fraction of that to watch on media. Fans have begun to switch from DirecTV to Dish or Comcast. Schools like WSU, OSU and Colorado have a very high partication rate even that is many times over their average gate because they are dispersed over a large geographic area that makes visiting games in person nearly impossible more than once per season. Pac-12 TV is here to stay, but DirectTV has to figure out how to allow its customers to participate before they permanently lose a large base to competitors to 5G smart phones, smart "pads", or to online viewing options. Apparently, DirecTV can not track all the customers that they are losing, because fans are still tivo shows on their DVR while they watch a Pac-12 game on their smart phone or 5G ipad.

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