The Gloves


We showed you the cleats, but check out the new Nike Vapor Jet gloves the Trojans will be sporting today.



LOVE THESE GLOVES!!!!!!!!!!! Would love a pair for my Trojan Collection!


trojans fight on please let me get those gloves

Does Nike have this pic as a poster?

would love to get these gloves for my son's 18th birthday.. He is just crazy about usc football

This picture is great. Any chance it will be available as a poster?

This gloves are sick and poster is sweet. How do i get gloves and if they this poster some were let me know pleaseeeeee??

Big Trojan fan and alum. Would love to get these gloves for collection, where can I get them?

Those gloves are awesome where do we buy them at

Any news on if these gloves are available for sale anywhere?

So SICK!!!!! Would love to have them!!!!

they are really bad ass i would love to have them and i need a pair of gloves for my football games

when is the date that the usc glovers are coming out and where thk u


Tho gloves are SICK!!! want them sooooo bad!! Go USC!! Workin hard to play there when I go to college.

Has anybody had any luck finding these gloves for sale?

I can get a hold of these for you. what is your email address?

Hey John,

Is there any chance you can get a hold of another pair of these gloves? I have been trying to track down a pair for some time now but with no luck. You can reach me at Let me know. Thanks John!


John, do you still have access to any gloves?? Thanks


John do you think that you can still get your hands on a pair of these gloves for me? email me

Hey john, Im a little late to the party but im looking to get these for my son who 8 and about to play football. Any idea where to get these?
thank you.

Hi John, it seems that you are quite a popular person here. Do you still know where to find a pair of these gloves? If so, would you PLEASE let me know? Thank you! FIGHT ON! My email is

Hello John,

Is there anywhere I can buy these gloves?? I know you have had many people ask, I have been looking for quite a while and would really like to get my hands on a pair to go with Jerseys I have. thanks

I was told that these gloves weren't going to be sold to the public. If you can get a pair I'd really appreciate it, my email is

Thanks! Tim

Are these available anywhere? My son would love them!

My son plays ball for a team in Maine that are the Trojan's these would make a great Christmas gift. Any direction you can give on where to get these gloves would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your help.

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