Meet Zach Banner


Banner-Camp9-McG.jpgName - Zach Banner

Position - Offensive Tackle

Class - Freshman

Size - 6'9", 335 lbs.

Age - 18

High School - Lakes HS (Tacoma, WA)

Comparison - Has USC ever had an offensive lineman this massive?  Banner fills out 6'9" comfortably.  Based on measurements, he is built like future NFL Hall of Famer and UCLA alum Jonathan Ogden.  He is taller than his dad, former NFL Pro Bowler Lincoln Kennedy, by three inches.

Prep Career - The two-sport star led his high school basketball team to a state title, while also becoming a finalist for the 2012 Watkins Award, given to the nation's top African-American high school scholar-athlete.

Fall Camp - Banner is playing right tackle, but sits under Kevin Graf and walk-on Nathan Guertler on the depth chart. He is a potential redshirt candidate as he continues to polish his technique.

To Quote Banner - "I trust [Coach Kiffin] with the rest of my college career.  I trust him with the rest of my freshman season.  You've got to trust the people that you put around you.  I trust everything he does."

(Photo by John McGillen)


"You've got to trust the people you put around you."

Personally, I qualify that with "Trust, and verify."

Nonetheless, that is a surprisingly mature thought to come from the mouth of an 18 year old, and one who probably has been over-indulged because of his athletic prowess (except by his mother, apparently).

First Agholor, then Banner--they don't seem like 18 year olds. I was skeptical when LK talked about seeking high-character players. I may be the one who needed to have more trust.

It would be nice to mention that Zach's "dad" is Ron Banner and that he learned how to play all sports from him. Ron and Vanessa were/are outstanding parents and the end product is Zach Banner.

Great Kid

My family was lucky enough to have sponsored Zach last year during the All-American Bowl. He handled the entire event, and yes it is a week long event, in a professional manner. He was very impressive and his family was great. A great privilege we will not forget.

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