Last Name Standing


Penn State announced that its uniforms will feature player names on the back of its jerseys for the first time in school history.  Once the Nittany Lions run out on the field this weekend, USC football will be the only FBS school never to have had surnames on the back of its jerseys.

By being traditional, USC football has become unique...

Lee-Woods-AZ-PC.jpg(Photo by Pierson Clair)


This is what we alumni are fighting sooo hard to keep. Those new cleats are spitting in the face of that. Look at Notre Dame and their horrible uniform changes! We will slowly go down that path if we don't nip it in the bud!!!

That's an awesome tradition, agreed. But then why the heck are we switching to those gawdawful cardinal and silver cleats???? Black cleats/white socks: bring 'em back!

Being traditional? You mean like wearing Ronald McDonald colored cleats? C'mon, the black cleats are classic. What are you guys doing??

No black uniforms, no last names. We love tradition.

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