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The USC football uniform will undergo some minor changes this year with the introduction of new Nike lightweight technology and cardinal and gold cleats.

The home and road jerseys are almost identical to the old ones, but the Nike Combat material is lighter and tighter.  The new material almost has a Teflon effect as water repels off the jersey and the fabric does not retain sweat like the previous version.

The Trojans will also be carrying around fewer ounces thanks to titanium buckles on their pants.  The pants are again the same style, while the sock color remains a game time decision.

The cleats are the same model as the previous season, but the Nike footwear (pictured below) will be cardinal and gold in 2012.



white socks. seriously. no black.

Just Say No! to Nike's tinkering with the Trojan uniform. The athletic technology seems OK, but are the Trojans gonna demean the Trojan football heritage by wearing black Nike helmets or some other bizarre combo that's all about Nike?

Classic looks like Yankee pinstripes, the Silver and Black of the Raiders and the star of the Dallas Cowboys is what endures. Not a one time "black jersey night," some wings on a jersey or a spelling bee on the WR gloves. Keep SC classic and tell Nike's fashion show to go somewhere else!

Why???? Our tradition is black shoes. Maybe because I'm in my 40's and if any team deserves to choose what color shoes to wear its this team, but fellas, we don't need to be the Ducks with all the ridiculous colors. At least get rid of the hideous silver. Black would have been a little more palatable. WE ARE SC. Go back to the traditional black shoes. We don't need gimmicks.

Those cleats blow!! I'm all for new fabric or materials but the colors must stay the same. We need black cleats!!!!!

WRONG. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. Black cleats are a tradition. Why screw around with this? Players might be happy with their clown shoes but alumni like me are upset. USC = TRADITION. And what's with the silver? Are chrome helmets next?? Please stop Phil Knight from insidiously trying to destroy these classic traditions on behalf of his beloved Ducks.

Have to agree with other comments. USC is a brand that was established from tradition. Can not mess with USC tradition. Black cleats and white socks. I know young kids want swag, lol, but not at the expense of USC. New technology to enhance player safety, and performance but not those ugly looking cleats, I am so surprised administration allowed this.

The cleats are awesome, but that's besides the point...if the PLAYERS who put their body on the line to represent my Alma Mater want to wear cardinal & gold cleats or black socks, let them wear cardinal & gold cleats or black socks.

You people can't be serious. These minor changes do nothing to change the "brand" or the overall tradition of our program. We are still 'SC. We still are cardinal & gold, and Traveler, and kicking the flag poles, and the Coliseum, and the Greatest Marching Band in the History of the Universe. Do you think that different cleats somehow invalidates 12 National Championships and 6 Heisman Trophies? Did 55-24 or 4th & 9 or 50-0 not happen because the players wear different cleats?

New traditions have to start somehow, and if anyone deserves a say in those traditions, it's the players that stuck with this program when it was left for dead.

Fight On!

Daniel, I think the underlying issue may be Nike's aggressive approach to tinkering with uniforms. Players should definitely have some input, but I think it's fairly obvious Nike is the one "pushing SC to wear their cleats." I doubt a player would have thought about making certain changes without Nike's suggestions.

OK, if the players want cardinal and gold cleats, fine, but is it possible to do it without the "swoosh" or does SC only get the cleat with the "swoosh?"

Nike does not need to be a necessary part of the equation if SC wants to tinker with the unis. SC just needs to be careful letting a third party in with suggestions or else the uniform disasters at Maryland and Notre Dame might occur.

New traditions are always welcome but that doesn't mean we permit a selfish corporate entity dictate to SC what the new traditions should be.

Daniel, you have terrible taste in cleats.

Notre Dame started tinkering around with their uni's recently and look what's happened: a ridiculous alternate uniform ( foisted upon them by Adidas. I only hope Nike doesn't try the same thing to USC. (Oh wait, they did, last year, unsuccessfully. But they'll try again for sure.) Alabama, Penn State, Notre Dame, USC--all simple and classic. No bling. Do you really want to end up like 50-0 UCLA?

I only hope that maybe, as you alluded to, these cleats might be a reward to the guys you toughed it out through 2 years without a bowl game.

Thats 11 championships daniel. 12 after this season though. And as for the cleats, take te silver off and im ok with them. Their cleats.

The change is needed. Young kids these days care about how they look. A major selling point for Oregon is Nike. To help keep schools from local players in LA we have to adapt to the times. The jersey and pants should never change, but allow the players to choose their own accessories. By the way I loved how the red tape looked over the cleats today.

I'm sorry but if one has to change the classic look of USC's uniform to attract new recruits... that is just sad, and the program is better off not recruiting individuals who are led by material desires.
I swam for Auburn University, and had our recruits chosen to attend the University based on what type of new fangled equipment was being offered... I don't think that we as a program would have won the 13 NCAA Team Titles (men's and women's combined). Rather, we would have ended up with some fancy shiny shoes...
Holding true to ones tradition shows strength and commitment, much of what a successful team is and stands for... as well, it sets a precident. Selling out, to which seems to be the case, is simply giving in to the "all mighty dollar." Undermining the integrity that has made USC it's own successful "brand."

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