Fall Camp #6 and #7: Notes

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Written by USC blog contributor, Andie Hagemann

The Trojans participated in their first two-a-day practice of fall camp.

  • According to Kiffin, the sixth day of fall camp told two stories. He felt the offense shined in the morning session and the defense did well in the afternoon.
  • Kiffin said that having ten fewer players is starting to affect the team. "Those ten that aren't there, you feel that," Kiffin said. "You feel it wear down on your guys."
  • LB Hayes Pullard spent some time at middle linebacker and Kiffin is satisfied with his progress.
  • Kiffin remarked that the offensive line still needs lots work. "The right ends are getting a lot of sacks," Kiffin said. 
  • However, Kiffin said that he is comfortable with the positions of running back, quarterback, and safety. "We have a lot of work to do in regards to our back-ups being comfortable enough to play," Kiffin said. 
  • WR Robert Woods did not practice during the second session. According to Kiffin, Woods is on a one-a-day schedule. "Our morning practice is more sped up and he did a lot in the first session," Kiffin said.
  • Woods said that fellow WR Marqise Lee has become a leader on team. "He is playing a lot better definitely but aside from that I feel he is definitely a leader," Woods said. "He speaks up and is trying to get everyone motivated."
  • Also, Woods was complimentary of kicker Andre Heidari. "He has a good leg and we just have to put him in the right field position so he can make that kick," Woods said. "We're always trying to score but if we are not able to, we have a great kicker that can get us those three points."
  • As Woods is on a one-a-day schedule, the Trojan offense has relied on the talent of Marqise Lee. Lee, who is a two-sport athlete, said that he is always trying to improve. "I went out for track because I wanted to get faster," Lee said. "I am also working on my routes, alignment and one of my goals is to not drop the ball at all."
  • Here is Kiffin...

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Thanks for these practice notes. Just wanted to point out that the correct term re: Woods is "one a days" not "one days". Being on a "one day schedule" doesn't make any sense compaerd to "one [practice] a day schedule"

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