Summer Changes


Here is an update from our Sports Information Department on some recent staff changes at USC Athletics...

The summer is a time when staff change most often occurs in athletic departments and USC was busy with comings and goings among its non-coaching personnel. 

Screen shot 2012-07-27 at 6.10.15 PM.pngPlease welcome to the Trojan Family:  Julian Bonse (assistant director of development);  Melinda Marino (administrative assistant/development);  Todd Davis (assistant director of operations/game management);  Daniel Zerunyan (marketing coordinator);  Todd Hewitt (director of equipment operations);  Kelly Dormandy (assistant strength and conditioning coach);  Christopher Chase (assistant strength and conditioning coach);  Brad Roll (assistant strength and conditioning coach);  Rachel Schlachet (assistant athletic trainer);  Abigail Wonnell (assistant athletic trainer);  Lisa Noceti Dewit (physical therapist);  Stephanie Hong (physical therapist/resident);  Kevin Bolen (learning specialist/Stevens Academic Center);  Becci Twombley (nutritionist);  Reaghan Foley (administrative assistant/John McKay Center/football);  Aaron Marshall (operations administrative assistant/men's basketball);  Michelle Greco (video coordinator/women's basketball).

Several long-time valued employees left the athletic department this summer and we wish them the best in their future endeavors:  Teresa Verbeck (assistant athletic director/development); Samantha Tulin (director of development); Toni VanEck (SAAS assistant director/academic counselor); Sue Lerner (assistant athletic trainer); and Irene Puentes (football office receptionist).

(Photo of Sam Tulin and Teresa Verbeck by Pierson Clair)


Well where did the two women go for their next journey? Samantha is your wife so you must know her whereabouts. Interested to know about Teresa, where she went who had been at USC quite awhile. Hope it is not too difficult to report on their future endeavor. Thank you.

Excited to read that Becci Twombley has been added to the Trojan team. She is a dynamite dietician, a gracious team member, and will be a tremendous resource for our athletes. I've known Becci since she was a little girl and have had the pleasure of watching her grow into a wonderful and talented young woman. Congratulations on a great hire!

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