WVB in Europe: Sam Hirschmann

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Written by junior outside hitter Sam Hirschmann

Today is day 7.   After flying, busing, walking, training, and shopping all over Italy and Slovenia, we finally got to rest.

Rest doesn't really seem like a word in our vocabulary for this trip, but for day 7 it was. We woke up, ate breakfast (where we find ourselves getting our daily dosage of nutella on toast), and worked out for a couple of hours.

Although we had the whole day to rest, we had a game to play...a very unique game to play actually. We were playing the Slovenian National team again, but this time in a high school/ elementary school gym... aka very small. It was so hot. I started sweating as I was tying my shoes!

As Slovenia is a very small country, many spectators came to support their national team. They were chanting, cheering, and most of all DRUMMING!

Sam-Slovenia.pngIt might have seemed annoying during the game, but as we were talking about it during dinner afterwards, it seemed comical. Boom boom boom--went the drums every other point. It was something we had never heard back on the west coast. It was nothing like the Cal band or the Washington fans, it was just a huge boom boom boom on a huge drum, drummed by 15 or so year old boys.

The day might have seemed as if it was just going be a boring kind of day, but it actually ended up being one of the most fun and interesting days I've had to so far. Mick keeps emphasizing that we need to take advantage of our time here in Europe by learning about new cultures and meeting new people.

Tonight was the night where I finally felt that I really conquered this. After the game we had a barbeque with our opponents. It was awkward at first, as none of us talked to each other. But after a couple of good Avicci songs playing, the USC and Slovenian teamed started to mingle.

I learned about their culture, team, boyfriends, school, and most of all became Facebook friends with some of them. Although I am sad to leave Slovenia, I am very excited to see what Serbia has in hold for us!

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