WVB in Europe: Kirby Burnham

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Written by junior outside hitter Kirby Burnham

Day 10 arrived quickly...and it was our last day together as a whole team.

We began the day touring Tito's burial grounds (a much appreciated Yugoslavian leader). We found ourselves constantly turning to Natasha for a deeper background of the information posted on the walls, as she knows much about Tito from her country, parents, and grandparents.

Following the museum we stopped to observe a giant church that has not been completed yet. The bells rang as the clock hit Noon, so we all took a minute to stop and observe this Kodak moment with the bright sun, blaring bells, and massive church.

To finish off our dosage of touring, we all enjoyed some Serbian ice cream bars from a cart. Tash was running back and forth while each of us screamed "is this chocolate" or "are these almonds or pistachios in the vanilla ice cream!?" Not only has she has been dominating on the court this trip, but also an amazing tour guide, food connoisseur and teacher!

Burnham-Blog2.JPGToday, we played the same Serbian club team that we had played yesterday...anddd dominated in three games straight! It felt good to go out with a bang and represent USC the right way!

In order to conclude the past week and a half we have had together, we went out to a fun celebratory dinner. Although we are a tight-knit team that sees each other on and off the court daily, I have found that we have learned many new things about the countries we have traveled to, each other and even ourselves.

Today we concluded our spring season (for some... their last) , now we cannot wait to see what the Fall has in store for us and can't wait to welcome in the our new teammates to our family!

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