WVB in Europe: Hannah Schraer and Emily Young

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Written by sophomore middle blocker Hannah Schraer and sophomore setter Emily Young

Zdravo from Belgrade!

From touring the ancient castle on a hill, strolling down streets rich with Cold War history and shopping in the main square downtown, we felt a special bond with Belgrade. This connection came so effortlessly because of our "personal tour guide" and fabulous teammate Natasha...who at last has come home.

We could not describe the experience better than an original poem by Emily...(click on the link below the picture to read the poem)

I awoke with a jolt
And I leave my sweet bed
Stumble over to breakfast
But I find myself eating MORE bread

Our team packs into cars
And weaves down the narrow streets
To the main city of Belgrade,
Our new tour guide to meet

However, today I watch Natasha
She's grinning ear-to-ear
Because its her country's rich history
That we get to hear

We meet by the horse
That resides over the main square
As for the prince on the horse
The Serbians just don't seem to care

Off to the Bohemian quarter
Known for its poets artists and beer
We gander down cobble stone streets
Reminiscing last night here

We snap down the streets
As the music meets our feet
Natasha looks over
..."so many memories on this street"

A city built up from bombs
Always turmoiled by war
And Natasha just nods
She seems to know more

And where the two rivers meet
Like crossroads of culture
Belgrade "the white city"
Standing over the city with muster

A castle built first by the Romans
Even overtaken by Attila the Hun!
Each processor who ruled
Adds to the history we stand on

Looking out at the bridge
I lean on the castle wall
Natasha stands similar
Chin up, standing tall

Later Natasha leads us around
Orders us crêpes with ease
We devour them down
And she seems pleased

As for our match this evening
She has played in the gym before
When she was only just 12
Her team won a world tour

After the last point was won
Natasha's brother leaps to her side
Family encircles her
Arms open wide

Belgrade is not just a place on a map
For our team it means so much more
For Natasha it is home
But a Trojan forevermore!

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