WVB in Europe: Haley Crone and Bria Russ

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Written by sophomore setter Haley Crone and sophomore outside hitter Bria Russ

Rainy days and water closets. Today we made the  eight hour trek from Slovenia to Belgrade, Serbia.

The weather has been on the rainy side and we've encountered some different bathroom customs...when you use the restroom, you have to pay! We paid for a bathroom that could be compare to a stinky outhouse.

Carrie said, "If you're going to sit in a water closet all day and collect money, you might as well clean it!"

Also, culture shock, rough pink toilet paper?!  When we went into the bathroom and came out to the bus and it started pouring rain.  We all cuddled up against the bus to stay warm and dry. 

Lush greenery, wild flowers and dense forests.  We stopped at many border checks, collecting numerous stamps in our passports, and when we reached the Serbian border, Natasha was called to talk to the police to clear up the confusion with us crossing the boarder.

Unlike LA,  there are wide open green fields, no traffic, and charming abodes. We then got a candle lit dinner and Tasha explained what the food was as it was served.

The Tamburasi band played at our table and a diva dressed as though she was from the 1890's, sang to us while suggestively dancing with Mick.  All and all, long day but we are ready for what tomorrow brings. ─ćAO!


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