Trojans of 2011-12

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Yesterday, we recapped the team achievements of the 2011-12 school year, so today we will pay tribute to the best individual performances this season.

sjohnson3(MattRileyUVA).JPGFour USC student-athletes were recognized as the National Player of the Year led by two-time NCAA singles champion Steve Johnson (pictured by Matt Riley).  Volleyball swept the national MVP awards with Alex Jupiter taking the women's honor and Tony Ciarelli named the top male player.

Men's water polo goalie Joel Dennerley was not only named the National Player of the Year, but he won Australia's Male Player of the Year and the Peter J. Cutino Award.

USC boasted 56 first team All-Americans in 2011-12.  Trojans won five NCAA individual championships led by Katinka Hosszu, who swam to victory in the 400 IM and 200 fly.

The best collegiate athletes in the country were led by the coaching elite.  Jovan Vavic (men's water polo), Peter Smith (men's tennis) and Bill Ferguson (men's volleyball) earned National Coach of the Year honors.

The complete list of USC first team All-Americans in 2011-12:

Alex Jupiter (WVB, third consecutive), Kendall Bateman (WVB), Natalie Hagglund (WVB), Robert Woods (FB), Matt Kalil (FB), T.J. McDonald (FB), Marqise Lee (FB, Freshman All-American), Dion Bailey (FB, Freshman All-American), Marcus Martin (FB, Freshman All-American), Hayes Pullard (FB, Freshman All-American), Andre Heidari (FB, Freshman All-American), Joel Dennerley (MWP), Peter Kurzeka (MWP), Haley Anderson (WSWM), Kasey Carlson (WSWM), Stina Gardell (WSWM), Meghan Hawthorne (WSWM), Katinka Hosszu (WSWM), Victoria Ishimatsu (WSWM), Tanya Krisman (WSWM), Lynette Lim (WSWM), Lindsay Parrish (WSWM), Christel Simms (WSWM), Amanda Smith (WSWM), Yumi So (WSWM), Dimitri Colupaev (MSWM), Jeff Daniels (MSWM), Alex Lendrum (MSWM), Vladimir Morozov (MSWM), Cristian Quintero (MSWM), Jack Wagner (MSWM), Tony Ciarelli (MVB), Doris Chen (WGLF), Lisa McCloskey (WGLF), Kaitlyn Christian (WTEN), Sabrina Santamaria (WTEN), Zoe Scandalis (WTEN), Danielle Lao (WTEN), Stephen Tarpley (BASE, Freshman All-American), Steve Johnson (MTEN), Roberto Quiroz (MTEN), Ray Sarmiento (MTEN), Lenka Vrecnikova (WROW), Aaron Brown (MTRK, 200), Joey Hughes (MTRK, 1600 relay), Josh Mance (MTRK, 400, 1600 relay), Bryson Nellum (MTRK, 1600 relay), Reggie Wyatt (MTRK, 400 IH, 1600 relay), Kristine Busa (WTRK, javelin), Jessica Davis (WTRK, 400 relay), Loudia Laarman (WTRK, 400 relay), Marissa Minderler (WTRK, hammer), Dalilah Muhammad (WRTK, 400 IH), Akawkaw Ndipagbor (WTRK, 400 relay), Jenny Ozorai (WTRK, hammer), Aareon Payne (WTRK, 400 relay)

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