T.J. Humbled

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All-American safety T.J. McDonald was as good as gone when the 2011 season ended.

"I was ready to chase my dream and go to the NFL and take that on," he told the Lott Impact Trophy. "But I started to remember all the reasons I came to 'SC - why I play football, being a competitor and being passionate about the game. I want to finish what I started."

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The season has not even started and McDonald already feels rewarded for making the right choice thanks to a perspective-changing experience with his teammates in Haiti.

"How can I ever complain? How can I ever think that I'm not blessed? I don't know that I've faced adversity after seeing these people. [...] To be able to move on, keep pushing, stay positive as much as they can ... it really humbles you."

IMG_3314.JPG(Photo by Lindsay Crouch)

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