Photo Finish

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Allyson Felix has been given a reprieve by U.S. Track and Field, which determined that upon further review, the USC alum finished in a dead heat with training partner Jenebah Tarmoh after initially being ruled a thousandth of a second behind the 100m trio headed to London 2012.

Felix-Tarboh-Photo-Finish-AP.jpgIn track, there are no ties.  The first torso to cross the finish line wins.  But, as the AP photo to the right shows, your guess is as good as the USATF.

We have entered uncharted waters and the lack of precedent has led to a search for a justifiable solution.  The choices: coin flip or runoff?

Felix is a two-time Olympic silver medalist in the 200 meters, so she is focused on qualifying for her primary event, which begins Thursday.  Tarmoh is running in the 200m trials as well, so the runoff, if it happens, might have to wait a few days or even weeks.

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