WVB in Europe: Sara Shaw

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Written by junior outside hitter Sara Shaw

After a hearty breakfast (with Nutella, of course!), we all anxiously got dressed and ready for the tasks and challenges that we will face at the ropes course extravaganza!

We began our adventures with the ski lift to the top of the mountain. At the top of the mountain lied the course. The views were spectacular and we could see the entire city of Maribor! At the top we were approached by two friendly outdoorsmen who were going to aid us along the journey.  The guides split our team into two groups and everyone got harnessed up and ready to go!

Shaw-Maribor.JPGOne group was to start the "Leap of Faith" and the other began at the "Swing." The Swing was my first stop and happened to be my absolute favorite activity of the day!

Each of us were harnessed into 2 long ropes that met and locked to our individual harnesses. We were then lifted up by the ropes that the rest of the team was pulling like a sled-racing team. Mush! The ropes pulled us higher and higher until we had reached the top.

As the ropes hold us in place, we look out into the beautiful view of Maribor above the trees. I can hear the rest of my team chanting my name, making my adrenaline pump. Then, there is a sudden realization that you are about to drop 30 yards; only being held by a couple sturdy ropes. My heart dropped as I tugged the knot to let me go. I flew downward to swing back and forth, screaming as I go. As my swing slows and comes to a stop, I can hear my team supporting me... it makes me smile ☺

The ropes course was a challenging and exciting way for our team to bond and build even more connections than we already have! The activities challenged us to trust each other and for everyone to know that we are here to support one another.

The support that we all received helped me and others in any of the tough situations that we each faced. Knowing that I can trust anyone on this team is one of the best feelings. ☺

After the eventful and fun day at the ropes course, I had to start to focus for our match against a Slovenian team... They were experienced players. They beat us in the first game, then we came back and beat them in the next 3!

Can't wait to play them again tomorrow night! Later this evening, we will be enjoying a lovely dinner and some delicious wine tasting (we are all above the drinking age in Europe!!) Hehe! I can't wait to experience the other adventures that lie ahead of us on this trip!

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