WVB in Europe: Natalie Hagglund

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Written by USC women's volleyball All-American libero Natalie Hagglund

Ciao from Milano!


Despite the fact that we traveled for nearly 24 hours, we are already two days into our trip! Some of us, the jittery ones, Emily, Brent, Mick, Tim, and me of course, were far too uncomfortable on the plane to sleep, so we have not slept since we left for Italy. Others however (the lucky ones), slept like babies through the whole flight.



When we arrived in Milan, we immediately walked over to the gym. Some of us were running on 30 minutes of sleep while the others were just mentally pooped. Swollen ankles, feet, toes, calves, and knees from the fourteen-hour flight did not help our volleyball skills either. Regardless of how we played today, we know that we will be kicking butt tomorrow!


After practice we got to do some incredible sightseeing in downtown Milano! Two of the most fascinating sights of downtown were the Piazza Duomo and the Galleria. The Galleria is more of a high fashion indoor shopping complex while the Duomo is one of the most renowned Gothic cathedrals in Milan. Both places not only had a unique architectural structure, but also had remarkable designs and artistry.


We were given a few hours to roam around freely and to visit all the shops, eat gelato, browse through the church, and interact with people. On Monday, we will be returning to Milan to take a tour and to learn about the rich history of the Milano area!


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