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USC athletic director Pat Haden recently attended the BCS meetings to discuss the postseason future of college football, which prompted blog reader Mark Child to ask what the AD's stance is on a playoff format.

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Haden-McNeal-SH.jpg"I have been an advocate for a playoff for a long time.  All the arguments that have been put out there against a playoff can be refuted. 

"At the end of the day, I think there will be some change in format in the direction of a playoff.  Whether that is a seeded four-team playoff or a plus-one, that is for the BCS commissioners to decide.  

"For me, I want to preserve the integrity of the regular season, so I would limit the playoff to four teams not 16 or 32.  And second, we want to protect the bowl system in particular the Rose Bowl.  The Pac-12 and the Big Ten, we would like to see the Rose Bowl be a part of that system going forward."

Haden also asked and answered his own question.  "How are the four teams selected?  The voting has to be transparent, fair and easily understood by fans."

Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott recently met with a group of USC football leaders to get the student-athlete perspective.  The Trojans agreed that they would like to see it decided on the field.

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I go back and forth on bowls vs. playoffs as well. If, after some more conference alignment, there were 8 conferences, a possible idea to preserve both bowls and a playoff could be to use the conference championship games as "round 1" of the "playoffs." These could even be staged in some of the second tier bowls... then there would be 8 conference champs... three more games to a champion... 4 "bowls" for the first round. 2 "bowls" for the semis, and then the Rose Bowl for the championship game, of course...

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