2012 Trojans to Haiti

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Fifteen USC football players will travel to Haiti the week after graduation to build houses and deliver supplies to a country destroyed by a catastrophic earthquake in 2010.

Haiti-Photos.jpgThe team of Trojans will build a minimum of three houses and transport more than 2,000 lbs. of supplies for orphanages and schools as part of the May deployment of Hope Force International, an organization which specializes in quick strike disaster relief.  The troop departs May 14 and will live in Haiti until May 19.

Matt Barkley and his family spearheaded this venture but his teammates have rallied behind the cause.  Fellow captain T.J. McDonald leads the list of volunteers joining the Barkley family along with Robert Woods, Khaled Holmes, Nickell Robey, Devon Kennard, Hayes Pullard, Kyle Negrete, Scott Starr, Josh Shaw, Cyrus Hobbi, Kevin Greene, Max Wittek, Cody Kessler and Luke Freeman.

The student-athletes can receive help to pay for this trip, so if you would like to make a donation to this cause, click here to give to Hope Force International's USC deployment.

Haiti-Child.jpg"This is something I've talked about with Matt [Barkley] since I was a freshman," said Devon Kennard, who will graduate after only three years on May 11.  "I just wanted the opportunity to serve people in need alongside some of my closest friends.  It's going to be a blessing to those Haitian people, but this experience will be just as valuable for us."

The Trojans will be aiding the Sous Savanne community in Haiti, which in many cases has been relegated to living under tarps as the only shelter.  Houses, bathrooms and supplies are of vital importance. 

The USC student-athletes know that this will not be a vacation of any kind, but they are looking forward to a week of hard work in a part of the world foreign to most of them.

"I have never been out of the country," Kennard said.  "I have to get a passport.  I don't know what to expect and that's what is kind of exciting."

Stay tuned to the blog for more coverage on the Trojans' trip to Haiti...

Community service is an emphasis of the USC athletics' experience with student-athletes performing more than 3,000 hours of outreach in 2010-11.  Already in this school year, Trojans have given their time to great causes like the Community Bowl, Give Running, iStandAbove and many others. 

Click here for more information on Hope Force International.

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