Lax Leading the Way

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Women's lacrosse is in first place for the annual Service Champions award given to the USC athletics' program that performs the most community service per student-athlete.

Lax-Kid-Stick.JPGHere is the story on lacrosse's recent journey to the Sage Center in Watts written up by Ceilidh Meagher...

On April 5, the USC Women's Lacrosse team traveled to the Sage Center in Watts to hold a clinic for the students there. Some of the kids had participated in an earlier clinic held at 'SC in November, and they even remembered the team and were eager to try lacrosse again.

We started with the basics by teaching everyone how to cradle the ball, and how to scoop up a ground ball. It was funny to watch some of the littler kids run around with lacrosse sticks that were clearly intended for someone twice their height!

After the kids had successfully learned how to cradle and pick up ground balls, we passed around with them, teaching them how to throw and catch properly. On the whole, there were a few missed passes, but we were definitely off to a solid start!

WLAX @ Nickerson Gardens.JPGSome of the kids played games in small groups, and we worked with others one-on-one to make sure they were getting it.

The best part of the afternoon was definitely teaching the kids to do some stick tricks. After seeing our team demonstrate a few of lacrosse's flashier tricks, all the kids were eager to learn the tricks and show off their new skills.

It was great to see these kids playing around trying to impress their friends and teachers with some of the new tricks they were learning. After stick tricks, we finished off the afternoon with a fun relay race where the kids got the opportunity to showcase their teamwork and their new lax skills.

Lacrosse is a pretty tough sport to learn at first, and although there were a bunch of missed catches and overthrown passes, the kids did an awesome job overall! It was so great to give back to the community as a team and to see all of these kids get so excited about lacrosse!


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