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At the annual spring football game on April 14, USC athletics will audition select public address announcers as part of our ongoing effort to update the football game day experience.

Dennis Packer's voice has proudly boomed through the Coliseum for more than two decades.  He likely will return as the voice of the Trojan Marching Band announcing the pregame and halftime shows.

But going forward, the department is taking a look at the possibility of a new voice to usher in the latest era of USC football.  The final decision will be made later this summer.

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I don't normally comment, but that's a terrible idea. The one thing I miss about watching games at the coli was Dennis Packer's booming voice. Perfect for a classic football team and much better than the whiny voices at other PAC-12 schools.

HUGE HUGE HUGE mistake if Packer is let go. Grass isn't always greener. His voice is what makes the USC Gameday experience so epic. He is the voice of the Trojans and the voice of the Coliseum. Please bring him back!

Nooooo. We may as well change to black uniforms while we are at it. Replacing Dennis Packer is a change that shouldn't happen.

no!! this is a horrible idea. Dennis Packer is the best and part of the tradition! Enhance the gameday experience by continuing the physical improvements of the Coliseum

This would be worse than when Pete Carroll left. Dennis Packer is the best at what he does and we are lucky to have him. Replacing him would be misguided and would lessen the Coliseum experience for hundreds of thousands of spectators who have heard Packer's voice for decades at USC games. I hope clearer heads prevail and someone puts a stop to this.

Dennis Packer IS the Coliseum. As long as the man is willing and able to be the PA guy, do NOT replace him. Might as well get rid of Vin Scully while you're at it.

Unless the new voice is practically identical... big mistake and completely unnecessary.


Maybe Pat Haden will bring one of those fair minded folks from the NCAA in to audition??

Pat, stop worrying about the PA announcer - FIRE THE BASKETBALL COACH and DEFEND USC AGAINST THE NCAA!!!!!!!

Have the "select" pa announcers auditioned already? How do you get on that list?

Tradition. That's what Trojans have that everyone envys.

Keep Dennis Packer! Fight On!

There is absolutely no reason to fire Dennis Packer. As a current student in band, I'm already attached to his announcing and games won't be the same without him. This a terrible decision.

Keep Packer. He has a great voice that has been part of the Trojan football tradition.

Petro, on the other hand, makes nails on a chalkboard sound like a harp softly playing on a mid summer night. He can stick with his radio.

Keep Mr.Packer, he is a fixture of USC Trojan Football, and deserves to be treated with respect. He has earned the right to be the PA voice of USC Football until he decides it is time to go.

Whoever thinks replacing Dennis Packer is a good idea, needs to have his/her brain examined.

We had better not be hearing the voice of Petros "turncoat" Papadakis on Saturday.

I am not a USC fan...but, who is the stupid fool or fools, that think they need a new PA announcer for football? Dennis Packer has experience matched by few, he is a true profesisonal, loyal to the school and is a class act. "Game-day experience" my ass, it's just fine the way it is. Maybe they should replace all the marketing people while they're at it.

We've always been the standard that separates us from the rest of the country, stick with tradition, if it's not broke why fix it. Mr. Packer has always made the coliseum experience an AWESOME ONE.Please don't stop that now, we've only just begun.#FIGHTON4WHATSRIGHT #TROJANSSTICKTOGETHER

I especially did not prefer the Dodgers PA announcer or the Bruins basketball PA announcer today. The second half announcers didn't wow me either. Seems like Dennis Packer would continue to be a good choice, but I can understand wanting a different voice for the promotional reads. Perhaps a radio anchor type (someone like Jim Thornton) plus Packer is the correct solution.

This is a TERRIBLE idea, Dennis Packer is a huge part of USC Football. His voice is second to none, maybe if enough people voice their displeasure the University will have to keep him.

Fight On!

PLEASE KEEP Packer!!!! He's good the best voice.

I love when his voice booms: FIRST DOWN U S C !!!!

I was at the game last Saturday and thought that the Dodger's guy did an awesome job. Dennis Packer was great, but we do not know all of the reasons behind the scenes to judge why he is leaving. Packer will definitely be missed, but the Dodger guy would do a fine job.

I really hope Dennis is not replaced! He is as much the tradition as Is Traveler. As a 25 year season ticket holder and proud TMB alum, I really hope this decision is not final. The announcers at the scrimage were not anything special. I very much missed Dennis's voice!

Keep him! His voice is a part of the USC football experience.

Terrible decision, and the way Dennis was treated by the USC Marketing Department was amazingly unprofessional and classless. To "sucker-punch" a guy that had done the PA announcing for next to nothing really makes one question the leadership of Pat Haden and J.K. McKay. I personally sent two separate e-mails to J.K. Mckay asking for the reason for this change and never received a response. USC never would have treated John Ramsey (Packer's predecessor) this way and there is NO reason for the change after Dennis' 22-year tenure as the Coliseum voice of the Trojans.

I was at the Coliseum for Saturday's game against Hawaii and was upset to hear that Dennis Packer was no longer the PA announcer. What do we need to do to bring him back?

I was incredibly disappointed when I got to the Hawaii game and heard a strange voice coming from the PA system. Packer had the perfect voice to match a classy, timeless team. I assumed that he had died, because why else would you ever replace him? But Google has brought me to this article and I am so very disappointed in this decision. Bring Packer back!

Please - get Dennis back. He is to USC football what Vin Scully is to the Dodgers. We need him back next season!!!! It is not the same without his PA voice at the Coliseum.

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