CA 101

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USC student-athletes and athletic department staff were treated to a lecture today by Kevin Starr, the world's foremost expert on California history.

Ciarelli-Starr-Haden.jpgStarr, who spent a decade as the California state librarian, was the first USC professor to be awarded the National Medal of Humanities.  He has taught at Troy since 1989.

A fourth generation Californian, Starr's Golden State lineage dates back to 1852 just two years after the state was officially founded.  However, it was not until writing his thesis at Harvard that Starr discovered the wonder of his home state which would end up defining his career.

Among the many topics touched on, Starr credited California for the democratization of sport.  In the 19th century, sports like golf, tennis and swimming were reserved for the elites in the Northeast, but California brought them to the people and raised the level of competition.

USC men's volleyball captain Tony Ciarelli (pictured with Pat Haden and Professor Starr) is currently taking his class.  "He is one of those professors that if you put all the topics into a hat and pulled one out, he could give you an hour lecture on the spot," Ciarelli boasted about Starr.

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