The Real Trojan Warriors

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USC men's basketball was visited by a group of Marines during the last home hoops game thanks to Project: Hollywood Cares.

Thumbnail image for Dance-Force-Marines.JPGThe Marines were moved by AD Pat Haden from there ticketed seats down to courtside.  The Trojan Dance Force steered a free pizza in their direction and they were given a standing ovation by the Trojan Family in attendance.

The Marines met with Kevin O'Neill after the game who expressed publicly in his press conference and privately to them his genuine appreciation for everything they do to protect and serve this nation.

After the game, one of the marines talked "about dark days in Afghanistan, fearing never having a day like today, and now to enjoy all this which makes life a lot better, more fun and what we do all worth it."

(Photos and story via Tom Fick, Founder/Executive Director of Project: Hollywood Cares)


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