State of Troy: March 2012

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Each month, we interview athletic director Pat Haden to find out the latest news around Heritage Hall.

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Jessica-Davis.jpegAre you excited for the Trojan Invitational track and field showcase this weekend?

We could send as many as 30 current student-athletes to participate in the London 2012 Olympic Games.  Some of them will be competing in the Trojan Invitational.  Our men's and women's track and field teams are capable of winning national championships and they will compete against some of the country's best schools this weekend.

How impressive is the consistent dominance of USC women's athletics this spring?

Right now, our women's water polo, women's tennis, women's track and field and women's golf teams are all ranked third in the country and primed to compete for NCAA titles.  And, our women's swimming and diving just finished third at the NCAA Championships.  In this 40th anniversary year of Title IX, it is fitting to have such excellence in our women's programs. 

Why is it important to host NCAA Championships like men's volleyball and men's golf this year?

MVP-Final4-Logo.jpgWe want to be thought of as a leader at USC in just about everything.  We are a school that welcomes hosting the world's best athletes.  We have a chance to bring them to our home and show we can compete against the elite.

What is the "SCigning Period?"

Our Board of Counselors, led by our Chairman Mike Adler, has done a terrific job of building our athletic support group membership base.  Just like our coaches work to sign the next great student-athletes, the members of our Board of Counselors have volunteered to lead the dash to sign up and renew support group members.  They have raised nearly a million dollars for the athletic department with a week still left in the campaign.

Do you want to send out a final football season ticket renewal reminder?

We have a chance to have a special football season.  Of course, there is still plenty of work to be done, but ticket demand is robust.  We have sold more than 5,000 new season tickets.  The ticket renewal deadline is coming up, which is a reminder to me as well that I need to renew my seats online.  We want to make sure you renew, so you can take part in a fantastic year.

Click here to renew or purchase season tickets!!!

What's the plan for Swim with Mike this year on April 14?

"Swim with Mike" is one of my favorite events here and Ron Orr, one of our senior associate athletic directors, has done a phenomenal job with it.  This year, we are going to have a "moving sale," so fans can purchase used game and practice Trojan gear before we head into the John McKay Center.   All the proceeds from the garage sale will go to the "Family of Five" elementary schools in our neighborhood.  Then, you can go to "Swim with Mike" followed by the Spring Game at the Coliseum.  It will be a great day at Troy!

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