Olympic Spotlight: Corey White

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Corey-White-DualMeet.jpgName: Corey White

Age: 26

Hometown: San Jose, CA

Event: Javelin

Resume: USC School Record Holder (272-0 feet / 82.97m)
Q.) What has been your motivation to train for four years at the highest level just for one day of competition?

The Olympics is the goal of any serious track & field athlete. Four years ago, I was only 13 centimeters from the Olympic A standard. After that season, it really put things into perspective for me. I realized that after just three years after the first time I touched a javelin, I had almost earned a trip to the big stage. From that point, I set my sights a little higher.  Since then I've had London in my sights.  
Q.) You used to be a football player, what drew you to the sport of throwing the javelin?

Before javelin, I threw the discus. California doesn't have the javelin in high school, so I didn't pick it up until college. My high school track coach said I should try javelin out since I always had a pretty good arm. The javelin seemed like an easy transition. I picked up a javelin for the first time during my freshman year of college at The University of Redlands. When I hurt my knee playing football, I decided to transfer to pursue a track & field scholarship at a Division I University.
Q.)What would it mean to you to walk in the opening ceremonies of the 2012 London Olympic Games?

Walking in the opening ceremony would mean being able to represent all of the people that helped me make it there.  Just a few weeks ago, I changed the background of my computer to a picture of the Olympic Stadium in London.
Q.) What are you doing between now and the Olympic games to prepare yourself?

Since the end of last season, Coach Dan Lange and I have been working on refining some of my finer technical aspects of my throw.  As a personal trainer, I have more control of my schedule. This allows me to spend as much time as I need to focus on my own training.
Corey-White-Jav-CU.JPGQ.) What are some milestones you hope to accomplish in throwing the javelin?

Right now the only milestone that matters is this year's Olympic Trials in Eugene, Oregon. A gold medal there opens new doors, but first and foremost is the trials.
Q.) Is there anyone you look up to in sports to keep you on track and to keep you on your javelin journey?

Since I transferred to USC in 2007, I have learned so much more than how to throw a spear from my coach, Dan Lange. We have developed a relationship in which we work together to find the answers to improving me as a competitor as well as a person.
Q.) What is the most interesting thing you can take away from the javelin?

I have traveled the world and experienced so much more than I could hope for in a different sport. Also, if man is ever reduced to spear hunting for food, I will be more than able to survive!

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