Scholarship Math


Lane Kiffin alluded to some scholarship math in his Signing Day press conference, so we thought we would break it down for anyone struggling to follow along.

The NCAA penalties:

  • USC is capped at 75 total scholarship players for the next three years, which is down from the normal 85.
  • The Trojans can only sign 15 scholarship athletes per recruiting class for each of the next three years.


  • USC signed 5 players as spring early entrants, but that total counts towards the 2011 fall recruiting class, which had the normal maximum of 25 scholarship players.
  • Lane Kiffin added 12 student-athletes Wednesday as part of the 2012 fall recruiting class, which means the Trojans are still three scholarships away from the cap.


  • Those three scholarships will likely be handed out to early entrants for the 2013 spring semester.
  • Kiffin will have 15 more scholarships available at this time next year for the 2013 fall class, but if he does not use them all, they will be rolled over again to the 2014 early entrants.


  • The final year of the sanctions.  The fall class will again be limited to 15 and the coaches will likely sign all 15 players since they will have 25 scholarships made available in 2015.

When the 2012 fall camp opens, Kiffin will have added 17 new players for this year's team (5 early entrants + 12 fall recruits).  Next year, he can add as many as 18.

As for the total number of players, USC is over the 75 cap as of today by a small margin, but Kiffin is not worried.  With normal roster erosion from transfers, academic ineligibility and other factors, he says that they will not have a problem meeting the mark.


Do the sanctions affect walk-ons or any players that do not have a scholarship? How many players does the team normally have without scholarships? If a player plays two sports (Zach Banner) can their scholarship be counted as the other teams scholarships instead of the football teams? Does the basketball team have a reduction in scholarships this year as a result of their sanctions?

Hi Jordan,
Thanks for the update! How many scholarships are we over the 75 limit?

As for Josh's question; I believe the NCAA has already ruled that a dual sport athlete either counts to football first or counts to both sport limits. I believe this came up some time ago with one of the Florida schools trying to take advantage of track and field and basketball to exceed the 85 limit.

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