The Trojan Way


At Monday night's football banquet, special teams coach John Baxter struck an emotional chord when he announced that the Trojan Way Leadership award would be renamed the Rhett Ellison "The Machine" Leadership Award going forward.

While Ellison is known as one of the most stoic players on the team, he is the ultimate grinder.  He shows up early for every meeting and stays late after every practice.

He raised the work ethic bar for his teammates, which explains how the Trojans were able to accomplish so much this season despite diminished scholarship numbers and no bowl game.

In the photo below, Ellison is holding a picture of what the award will look like.



This honor could not have been bestowed upon a more deserving Trojan. He's a young man who does everything asked of him and then some. He is a true leader for his teammates and always has the best attitude. Fight On, Rhett!

Throughout my athletic career as a player and a coach, I realized that no team is really complete without a leader. The thrills I had watching the 2011 Trojan football team were enhanched by the fact that I've known Rhett Ellison for most of his
life. To see him develop as a leader, over the years he has been at USC, is a joy I can't explain in words. For USC Football to name this most prestigious award after him says volumns to the effect that this player has had on the whole program. It's a greater recognition than an induction into any hall of fame. The HOF is voted by folks that read a bunch of statistics. This recognition is the highest honor by those who know you best. This honor is for your character as a teammate, your dedication to all that is worthy as a team member and your status as a human being. Forever, this leadership award will be given to the Trojan who has honored his team and USC the most. Good on ya boy and FIGHT ON!

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