Reaction: Ohio State Ruling

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Written by Dave Dulberg, USC blog contributor

Following yesterday's ruling by the NCAA's Committee on Infractions regarding the Ohio State football program, several media members, including's Pac-12 blogger Ted Miller,'s college football writer Mark Schlabach and's Bruce Feldman (who spoke with former Trojan Alex Holmes), had plenty to say on the matter.

"Being outraged will accomplish nothing. You will be unhappy and your team will still be docked over the next three years for what one player secretly did while Ohio State will be down just nine scholarships over the same time period for the rule-breaking of five with full knowledge of their head coach. And your unhappiness will provide great joy to folks who don't like your team." (Miller)

"[Gene] Smith should be relieved the punishment wasn't worse. USC fans are probably asking why it wasn't more severe. To be honest, I'm surprised the NCAA hit the Buckeyes as hard as it did. I figured The Ohio State University was immune from the kind of punishment that might cripple a program in recruiting and severely sully its once-pristine reputation." (Schlabach)

"The definition of lack of institutional control is when your head coach is covering up to facilitate guys being able to play. The head coach is in charge of everyone. Tressel was caught and he knew all of this was going on. Also how did those guys play in that bowl game? This is unbelievable." (Holmes speaking to Feldman)

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Seriously, NCAA is joke.

5 players and head coach were caught and all they get is 1 year bowl ban and 9 scholarship reduction for 3 years.

USC should lead the way and start a new program.

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