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Just guessing, but if you have not read it already, we think you will like ESPN Pac-12 blogger Ted Miller's recent post on the national underestimation of the USC football program.

Click here for the complete post.

Kiffin-Kalil-LR-PC.jpgHis preview of USC at Oregon includes gems like these:

There isn't a single person in the country -- at least one with a brain -- who believes 17 teams could beat 8-2 USC. None. Zero. No one would pick Michigan State to beat USC. No one would pick South Carolina to beat USC. No one would pick Kansas State to beat USC. No one.


USC is still getting hit by irrational USC hate. Everyone knows the Trojans should rank around 10-15.

And finally...

And if USC notches the upset, the nationwide consternation would be absolutely beautiful.

Think about it. Folks would have to say this: "Lane Kiffin is a good football coach." It's possible the heads of Tennessee fans everywhere would spontaneously explode (stop grinning, Alabama fans).

And this: "USC is a team of high character that plays hard despite a second consecutive year with its postseason being unfairly stripped away by the draconian NCAA."

Hey, the Trojans might surge up to 16th in the AP poll with a win!

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