USC Ice Hockey


Men's ice hockey has long been one of the best and most popular club sports at USC.

The Trojans are eight-time Pac-8 champions, including a dramatic win over Washington in the conference championship in 2010.  USC has also won 13 Crosstown Cups over rivals UCLA in the last 16 years.

They even have the USC Ice Girls, who perform figure skating routines and interact with the crowd during intermissions.

The Trojans skated to a tough 5-4 loss at the hands of the Bruins at Staples Center last night.
USC-Ice-Hockey-PC.jpeg(Photo by Pierson Clair)


Who did the decal on the USC Hockey pick-up truck? (Chevy Avalanche, I think). I want to order a custom one.

I am an alumni from 1954 and now live in Mesa, Arizona. great Place for Hockey, with Shane Doan and the Arizona Coyotes. All we need now, is to win a few!!!
Where do I go to get USC Hockey Appearel? How about for 2 year olds,too? I have a Great Grandson that would love a Tee Shirt. He is now in Atsugi, Japan, because, his father is in the U S Navy.

My phone is: 480-380-3306. My email is listed above.

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