UCLA Wednesday: Notes


Several key players are still sidelined by injuries...

  • Injury report: DE Devon Kennard and DT J.R. Tavai did not practice.  DT DaJohn Harris and WR Robert Woods were limited.  RB Curtis McNeal left practice early and will undergo tests on his knee.
  • Without McNeal, RB George Farmer was the star of practice.  He appears to have regained full explosiveness and speed after a midseason ankle injury.
  • Lane Kiffin is disappointed that UCLA is bucking tradition and wearing all-white uniforms Saturday.  "I don't understand it at all," Kiffin thought Rick Neuheisel was a proponent of both teams wearing home jerseys.  "I know our fans and players really liked it, but no more."
  • UCLA's receiving corps looks like a basketball team when you see them field level.  "They are really big in general," Kiffin said.  "When they come into the stadium, they look as good as any group you are going to play."
  • The senior class has just one more full practice left.  "It hasn't hit me," DT Christian Tupou said.  "I'm not trying to look past today.  I don't want to let my emotions get the best of me." 
  • While Tupou has not had a monster year statistically, he will leave a legacy of leadership.  "Last year standing on the sidelines, I learned the importance of leadership and setting an example," he said.  "I hope I established the seed for [George Uko and J.R. Tavai] to watch our practice film and learn off of me."
  • WR Brandon Carswell was as good as gone when the sanctions hit, but he reneged on his transfer request after a conversation with Lane Kiffin.  He could not be happier about the decision to stay.  "Being on this team and how we've bonded plus seeing how my role has expanded, it just feels good that I am here," Carswell said.
  • Tupou-HS-Jersey.jpgThis senior class was recruited in the best of times, played through the worst of it and now has built Trojan football back up.  "We've been through the worst times and now we see the change that it's getting back to where it was," said Carswell.  "It feels really good looking into the future."
  • Several seniors wore their high school jerseys to practice today.  Who had the coolest one?  "Martin Coleman," Tupou said.  "He wore the throwback mesh 1980s practice jersey out here.  He was roughnecking it."
  • Carswell voted for Christian Tupou (pictured), who somehow still fits in his high school uniform.  "He has the tape on his helmet.  The socks on his shoes.  His jersey is flamboyant," Carswell admired.  "In high school, that thing had to be a dress on him."
  • Tupou responded: "I am the same size.  The only thing I put on is muscle.  I kind of look slim.  It makes me feel young again."
  • Carswell and Robert Woods have had fun all season making up celebrations and dance routines, including the LeBron imitation that made SportsCenter.  What do they have in store for UCLA?  "We'll have something good this week," Carswell said.  "We might try to incorporate more people this time."
  • Here is Lane Kiffin on the eve of Thanksgiving...


Congratulations and thanks to our seniors. You are more than football heros. You have great character and exemplify the the Trojan "fight on" spirit as much or better than anyone in USC history. Graduate and prosper in all your future endeavors!

Any news on the McNeal injury?

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