Scholar-Athlete: Claire Schloemer

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This week's scholar-athlete is women's soccer senior Claire Schloemer.

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(Interview conducted by Catherine Wakeman)

Q: What made you choose Health Promotion and Disease Prevention for your major?

CS: I have always enjoyed studying science, particularly human biology and anatomy. Also, I have the stomach for blood and gore, unlike most people.

Q: Was being a student-athlete in college always part of the plan?

CS: No, it was never in the plan. It was just a byproduct of hard work, laughter, and love for the game of soccer.

Q: Even with your busy schedule, do you still feel like you got the "college experience?"

CS: My college experience has been different than the average college experience. The sacrifices have been balanced with tremendous opportunities that I know will pay off in the long run.

Q:What has been the best part about being a student-athlete?

CS: The best part is yet to come.

(Photo by Jon SooHoo)

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