Photo Galleries: USC vs. UCLA


Thank you to all our contributing photographers this season!  Jon SooHoo, Pierson Clair, John McGillen and Patrick Gee combined to bring you the incredible moments of the season with indelible still photography.

Here is the season finale through the lens of Jon SooHoo:

Gallery 1...

Gallery 2...

Gallery 3...

Gallery 4...


Coach Kiffin and Staff;
You and your athletes are to be commended for a wonderful late season run. It reminds us of the one in 2002. Even with all the sanctions, the Trojans are the best in the west. Fight On!

I must admit, after the 2nd game, I came to the conclusion, that I had to lower my expectations. Having seen every game since my freshman year, in 1978. Attending this grand University for 9 years and 2 degrees. Being involved with Coach Carroll's regime and working with several players involving body balance. Trojan football has been a part of my life. So i had a flashback of the Tollner/Smith/Hackett years, I expected the worst. I always felt we had great players, it was just a little coaching to make these mediocre years good to great!!! This year had the same vibe. But I was willing to let it play out and still be in support of Coach Kiffen for his second year. I felt he had a great staff, for he and Coach O were the main force in recruitng Carroll's team. So had bad can it get? I am so impress and grateful and would like to offer my support and congratulations to our team and Coach Kiffen and his staff I wish you great success. Barkeley and Kalil have a great opportunity to become legendary at our school, I hope they don't pass that up to go pro and the unknown. Those Trojans who have passed that chance up are not as happy as one would imagine. Just think thsoe Trojand legends always come back to a heroes welcome and those who move on are moved on.....and not remembered as well and maybe regret. But whatever happens, happens. I just want to say thanks Coach Kiffen, you made this Alum very proud!!!!!

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