Oregon Tuesday: Notes

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The Ducks pose unique questions for a surging USC program...

  • Practice participation report: DT DaJohn Harris (out), DT Christian Tupou (out), S Demetrius Wright (out), S Jawanza Starling (very limited), LT Matt Kalil (very limited), FB Simione Vehikite (very limited) and WR Robert Woods (limited).
  • McDonald-Tunnel-UW-PC.jpgT.J. McDonald (photo by Pierson Clair) practiced fully after suffering a migraine after getting his "bell rung" on a kickoff against Washington.  "We thought it was a concussion, so we went to the hospital and I just had a migraine," McDonald explained that he is fine now.
  • Kiffin has repeatedly called Oregon "the hottest team in the country."  To take it a step further, "I don't know that anybody could tell you that there is a better team right now when they play at home than the Oregon Ducks," he said.
  • Oregon week brought the usual questions about tempo, tackling and touchdowns.
  • McDonald on tempo: "They play real fast.  You are going to be tired.  We just have to go match their speed.  We're a well conditioned team and we'll be fine."
  • McDonald on tackling: "They are real shifty guys.  The key with them is that you've got to aim to a point and attack that point."
  • Matt Barkley on red zone efficiency: "You definitely can't [settle for field goals].  Red zone is going to be a big terms of winning this game."  
  • Oregon's offense has been called simple, but there is complexity within the limited number of plays.  "There are so many combinations off those plays," McDonald explained.  "They can line up in the same formation three plays in a row and run three different plays.  It's kind of confusing."
  • Barkley changed his tune about the Ducks after watching Oregon demolish Stanford.  "They are well deserving of their ranking both on offense and defense," he clarified.  "After watching tape of them, they are probably one of the top defenses we'll be facing this year."
  • Kiffin is embracing the Trojans role as underdogs this week.  "The pressure goes the other way to a team that has a chance to go to the national championship still and we just go up there and have some fun and see what happens."
  • Maybe to better simulate the Autzen noise at practice, the Trojans doubled the number of speakers blasting music from one to two.
  • Here is the rest from Kiffin including a deeper explanation into the recruitment of De'Anthony Thomas, which we'll have a post on later today...

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