Kiffin Polling Strong

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Ever since the upset at Oregon, the USC athletic department and bookstore have been inundated with calls and requests for the white beanie Lane Kiffin was wearing during the game.

Kiffin-Post-Oregon-PG.jpgWhile we track down our friends at Nike in search of the coveted headgear, the fervor is the latest example of the tides turning in regards to the Trojans' head coach.

Kiffin arrived at Troy shrouded in controversy and a reputation for brash talk.  He also sported a resume devoid of signature wins. 

Two years later, he has pulled USC out of sanction Siberia with quiet, even understated leadership.  Along the way, his team has claimed coveted road scalps at Notre Dame and Oregon.

While Kiffin would not relish comparisons to his legendary predecessor and mentor Pete Carroll, he has a slightly better record (17-7 compared to 16-8) than Carroll did through his first 24 games as Trojan head man.

He is even generating some buzz for national coach of the year honors.

With Kiffin's stock soaring, the fans are starting to have some fun.  At the 2010 Pac-12 Media Day, LA Times columnist Bill Plaschke called out Kiffin for wearing sunglasses.  This week, the Trojan Family went viral with this response.


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