Howard Jones Archives

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Earlier this season, we found a letter John McKay sent to his team in the summer of 1964 detailing the Trojans' offseason strength and conditioning program.

howard-jones-letter.jpgToday, we found a letter from another 4-time national championship winning coach, Howard Jones, who sent his boys a short correspondence in September of 1930.  By suits, we assume he means uniforms.

Click the photo to enlarge and read the letter!

Jones coached the "Thundering Herd" to USC's first football national title in 1928.  He followed it with back-to-back championships in 1931 and 1932.  He capped his legendary career with his fourth crown in 1939, which was his next to last season.   

He ranks second on the all-time Trojan list with 121 wins behind John McKay's 127.  Jones coached at Troy for 16 seasons, including kicking off the Notre Dame rivalry with his friend Knute Rockne, who recommended Jones for the USC job.

Rockne also shared an agent with famed New York Yankees sluggers Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig, which led to the photo below likely taken from their 1927 barnstorming tour in Los Angeles.

Gehrig, Jones and Ruth

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