Pac-12 Punishments


The Pac-12 conference has reprimanded and fined Lane Kiffin for his post-game comments regarding the refereeing decisions and suspended junior safety T.J. McDonald for the first half of Friday night's game at Colorado for his hit on Stanford receiver Chris Owusu.

Click here to read the official release from the Pac-12 on Lane Kiffin's reprimand and fine:
Kiffin Reprimand.pdf

Click here to read the official release from the Pac-12 on T.J. McDonald's suspension:
McDonald Reprimand.pdf

Lane Kiffin responds:

"We respectfully disagree with the suspension imposed on T.J. McDonald.  He made a bang-bang play and his intent was not to hurt the receiver or launch his body at the receiver or lead with his helmet.  If you watch the hit in real time, we feel it is impossible to competitively play that play any differently.

"T.J. is a tremendous player and leader for our team, and he has our full support.  I know he felt badly about being penalized and the impact it had in the game.

"As for my reprimand and fine, after numerous conversations with the conference office, we have agreed to disagree.  As I have been saying the past two days, we have moved on from last week's game and we are preparing for a very challenging conference game this Friday at Colorado."

T.J. McDonald responds:

"I accept my penalty and I apologize to my teammates, to our Trojan fans and to the Stanford team.  I'm disappointed that I can't be on the field with my teammates during the first half of this Friday's game, but I know they will do a great job without me.

"I was not purposefully trying to hurt the receiver.  As I said after the game, I will figure out a way to play physically and still stay within the rules."


I'll say it because Coach Kiffin can't.....Some of those Officials, in particular, the Side Judge pretty much had his head up his ass most of the game! The rest of those officials lack a set of balls! As for the Pac 12 Office, they too have their HEADS UP THEIR ASSES! That hit was not a cheap shot. McDonald clearly used his pads and if that Stanford receiver had stayed straight up, the hit would have been to mid section. It was clearly a bang-bang play. I can only hope that those Officials receive a reprimand for some horrible officiating. Again, that Side Judge not calling a pass interference early in the game against the Stanford defender (t.v. crew, radio crew and about 90,000 fans made the call). The Pac 12 Office and that officiating crew are a JOKE!

TJ, you are an outstanding player and a class act.

... the NCAA is so blatantly biased against USC...just another fine example of it here tonight...TJ especially does not deserve this suspension...he remains one of the finest examples of a student athlete and leader of a great team...FIGHT ON TROJANS !!

The whole end of that game makes me ill. The actions of the officials, and now the Pac-12 itself should be questioned.
TJ should have gotten a pat on the back for the hit, not hit with a flag. Clean hit. Solid, hard, clean hit. Catch your breath, get up son, game over... uh, no.

There are still 60 minutes in regulation play, right?
Four 15 minute quarters, not three 15 minute quarters and one 14:59.
These are the rules by which the game is played.

Who reprimands the Pac-12? It makes the whole conference look ugly when those rules are broken by the officials, and Kiff gets fined for stating the obvious.
It's hypocritical and it smells.

When do the Pac-12 "Officials" apologize for all the blown calls in the game last week, both ways? Pac-12 officiating is the joke of the nation ... embarassing.

Sad to see such poor judgment by Scott and the head of officiating. No comment on why they gave only two yards for offensive holding in overtime.

No comment why they failed to give Lane his timeout. He clearly was calling for one many times before, during and after Wood's leg touched the ground and you could see clearly the side judge acknowledging his request. The ESPN crew was able to isolate him, the official and the clock all while the referees where still deliberating. We need higher standards.

It is funny how everyone wants better sportsmanship on the part of the athletes and coaches, how about the officials being sportsman enough to admit they are wrong and for the second year in a row they directly affected the outcome of this game with bad officiating. I guess they do not feel they should be held accountable. Very convenient of Scott and company. If they want respect they should act more human and admit their failings. It would be a lot easier to forgive then a fine, a suspension and a slap in the face.

As for the suspension; T.J. is not psychic. The receiver buckled his leg causing him to lower his head by at least two feet in the last tenth of a second before impact. No one could have expected that to occur. T.J. was already committed in motion and could not have changed anything in that little amount of space and time. The referees and Scott should have acknowledged that and ruled it clearly accidental as it was. Another poor judgment call on their part.

I'm sure they would like to fine us too for telling it how we see it. Oh well...

There you go.

A $10,000 fine? Is it slander when you speak the truth. Apparently, there is no freedom of speech in the Pac12.

Seriously? This smells of Pac-12 skunk to me. McDonald couldn't have played that hit any differently - he was aiming for a legal hit to the midsection when the receiver went down, essentially lowering himself into the hit. I suspect there were orders from above that 'SC was not to win the game so Stanford can remain the star child of the conference and Pac-12 won't have to deal with a sanctioned team being competitive enough to win the conference.

Thank you for telling it like it is. You should send this comment to the Pac 12 office lol

Fight On Kiff! The Trojan Family is with you arm in arm. You protected the team by your actions. You truly know and demonstrate the Trojan spirit of "Fight On."

Next week I want to see a new feature on the blog, "Postgame Wisdom of Knox."

They should be fired... ridiculous to say you can't make a comment that the rest of the country is making... if the Pac-12 is concerned that it calls into question their officiating ability, they should get officials who do a good job and no one will question. Also ridiculous to suspend that player for a good hit - he didn't do anything wrong there. Really hard to play with your hands tied behind your back

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