NCAA Stipend Increase

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The Division I Board of Directors adopted a plan to increase stipends up to cost of attendance or $2,000 per full scholarship student-athlete (whichever number is less), which has been a primary cause for Pat Haden during his tenure as USC athletic director.

"I'm delighted," said Haden.  "I was hoping it was going to be more.  It's the right and fair thing to do for our student-athletes."

The Pac-12 will have a separate vote on the increased stipends, but Haden believes there is strong support among the conference's athletic directors to pass the new figures.

As for further increases, the NCAA agreed to test the new formula for three years before congregating on the subject again.  The USC athletic director will continue to push the issue.

"I think we can afford to do more certainly at USC," he said.  "Our student-athletes deserve more."


1 Comment

Is that $2000 per athlete for a semester, year, a season, entire university experience? Seems low, if it's the latter, but a step in the right direction.

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