Boomer or Rudy?

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Maybe you didn't notice amid Dion Bailey's two interceptions and George Farmer's debut last Thursday night, but "Boomer" Roepke sprinted down the field twice as part of the "Strikeforce," which handles kickoff coverage.

Roepke is a redshirt senior walk-on who has spent the last two seasons slamming his 5'8" 180 pound frame into athletic giants on the practice field.  The former USC swimmer (2008 and 2009) is known for his dynamic personality with a nickname to match (his real name is Peter), but few thought he would ever play for the Cardinal and Gold.

Sure enough, Roepke got his chance on ESPN last week and is now officially the Trojans good luck charm on the road.

Here's how it played out in the USC locker room before and after the game at Cal...

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