Utah Wednesday: Notes


The hottest day of the year...

  • No new injury news.  Abe Markowitz is still working his way back.  Today, Martin Coleman started at left guard ahead of Jeremy Galten.
  • Marc Tyler is at least in the rotation for carries Saturday.  "He's practiced really hard, so we'll mix him in there some," Lane Kiffin said.  "Those short yardage situations that we came up a couple times short on, the big back has a tendency to make those." 
  • Tyler (230 lbs.) significantly outweighs D.J. Morgan (190 lbs.) and Curtis McNeal (180 lbs.).
  • Kiffin credited Matt Barkley and Robert Woods offseason work together for making the combination what it is this season.  "They are obviously great players number one, but they prepare so well," Kiffin said about his prized duo.
  • Gilmore-Prac-McG.JPGTed Gilmore (photo by John McGillen) debuted as the USC wide receivers coach last weekend and watched his prized pupil break a school record.  "It was a pleasure to watch," he said. 
  • Lakers fans can relate to a Kobe Bryant metaphor.  When Kobe scores 50 points, the Lakers don't necessarily win because the other players never get into rhythm.  Gilmore was not buying that comparison to Woods in the opener.  "In the first half, wherever that ball went, they were catching it," he said.  "I could care less who makes the catches as long as they catch it."
  • Of course, Utah will watch the Minnesota game film and change up the coverage on USC's star receiver.  "To think that Robert's going to get single coverage every single game, shame on us," Gilmore said about distributing the ball to other weapons.  "Based on how the defense plays, who knows who is going to get the ball."
  • Marqise Lee enjoyed a solid debut with five catches and 32 yards.  Even the greatest USC freshmen receivers waited a game or two before breaking through in dominant fashion.  "When a ball comes in his direction, he has a chance to do something really good with it," Gilmore said that it's all about opportunity.
  • As for the receiver and tight end drops, "It always comes back to fundamentals," Gilmore said.  "Those young men who had those mishaps, I'm sure they were trying to do something before they caught the ball."
  • In practice today, George Uko picked off Cody Kessler.  They'd like to get the talented redshirt freshman more snaps against Utah.
  • Keeping an eye on the kids, WR Victor Blackwell caught a TD bomb on a perfectly laid in pass by Kessler.
  • The Utah match-up is starting to take on a big game feel.  "Can you imagine playing the first Pac-12 game?" Monte Kiffin said.  "Boy, they are going to be fired up."
  • From what we're all reading, the Pac-12 may only last a year.  "We just got used to this one, so whatever happens, we''l just figure it out," Lane Kiffin said about expansion.
  • Here is Lane Kiffin on all subjects...


I hope there's more to the play book beside screen pass to Woods...

Kiff needs to loosen up on things. He's trying a bit too hard. I know the OL is fresh and inexperienced but you need to trust them. Let's see the play action 15-20 yard crossing routes that require time. Trust your players, Kiff. They've earned it through all this.

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