USC Responds to Racist Video


Vice president for student affairs Michael Jackson responded today to a controversial video that was produced by Fox Sports on USC's campus that belittles and mocks Asian international students.

Click the link to read the entire letter:
Letter re Fox Video.pdf

"His idea of humor and satire was inappropriate, insensitive to our Asian-Pacific American and international communities, and a form of racism," Jackson said about comedian Bob Oschack, the host of "The College Experiment."

"The diversity of our community and culture of mutual respect are core values that sustain USC," Jackson continued. 

Fox Sports has since cancelled the show and issued an apology.


C'mon man.We are taking everything waaaaaaaaaay to seriously. Offended by what, looking stupid.
So what! Show me anyone or culture that doesn't look stupid at times. GROW the **ck up

When I was new to America, many people made fun of my English. That made me afraid to speak out and participate in class or public.

I am sure that those students in the video will be left with psychological scars for years to come. I know because I have had the first hand experience.

If one day you have a kid and he/she is being made fun of on public TV and humiliated, will you still think it is "taking things too seriously"?

And if the TV only picks people similar to your kid, wouldn't it make you feel worse?

I still believe Americans are nice people, but not you.

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