The State of Troy: September

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Each month, we interview athletic director Pat Haden to keep you up to date on all the happenings around Heritage Hall. 

Haden-Woods-SH.jpgQ.) Is further conference expansion inevitable at this point?

It sure seems that the momentum is taking us that way.  Whether it is the Pac-16 or Pac-20, I do not know yet.  The executives in charge of the Pac-12 are looking at all the options.  For us, it is important that all members of the conference are treated equally and that we do not bring in any school that has added benefits or a different financial deal.  Plus, we want to keep our traditional rivalries with UCLA, Stanford and Cal.


Q.) Why should fans turn out for the women's volleyball "Spike the Record" game?

Women's volleyball is big here at USC.  If you cannot enjoy this sport just by watching the passion the women put into it, you should check your pulse.  We are trying to attract 5,000 fans to break our non-playoff game attendance record like we did for women's soccer last year.  We are giving out 5,000 free T-shirts (pictured) to fans and the students will also receive free pizza.

Q.) How can Trojan Family members leave a mark on the John McKay Center?

In the brand new football locker room in the basement of the John McKay Center, Trojan fans can sponsor a locker for $10,000.  I have purchased four of them and will name them in honor of my mother, my father, Don Winston and his son.  It is a great opportunity to remember someone special or leave your legacy on Trojan Football in perpetuity.

Click here to learn more about sponsoring a locker.

Coliseum-App-Map.jpgQ.) How can fans let you know about potential improvements to the game experience at football games and other USC athletic events?

We have spent a lot of time over the last six months looking at every possible way that we can enhance our fans' experience in football and every sport.  From the time you get on the freeway and turn on ESPN Radio to making parking more efficient to ensuring safety inside the Coliseum to the new iPhone GameDay app and the video board, we want you to have a memorable all-around experience.  We love feedback, positive or negative, so please let us know how we can improve from week to week.

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Q.) Fan Question: Would it be possible to share with us the plans for re-purposing the space in Heritage Hall that will be freed up with the move to the McKay Center? - Jeff Zakaryan

Heritage Hall needs a major facelift.  The main purpose for Heritage Hall will be a public space to display our incredible athletic history.  We are also going to give some of our current sports more space.  And, we will have room to create lounges for our student-athletes to relax.  

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What a joke of a volleyball match Friday vs. ucla.
It was a disgrace before so many Trojans getting swept in a dominant way. Noticed Haden in his lime colored disgusting looking pants sitting behind one backline of the court. Where was he afterward at the reception in Founders room not supporting the team in a time of need? A coaching change is warranted for next season when the team will really hit rock bottom when the three seniors leave.

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