Pac-12 Game Ball

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The Pac-12 designed a commemorative game ball, which is in the process of being autographed by all the conference head coaches before Saturday's kickoff at the Coliseum.

pac12-Ball.JPGThe ball will be donated for auction to the 9/11 Memorial to honor the 10th anniversary. 

The USC head coach put his Lane Kiffin under the interlock this morning and now the ball will be delivered to Rick Neuheisel at UCLA and then Kyle Whittingham at Utah's team hotel.  The fully signed ball will be presented as part of a pregame ceremony Saturday.

USC football dignitaries Sal Mena, a 1939 national champion under Howard Jones, and two-time All-American Tim McDonald will represent the Trojans, while All-American Luther Elliss and All-Pro Jamal Anderson will stand up for the Utes at midfield.

You can follow the ball's progress on Twitter by searching #Pac12Kickoff.


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